Look what it's done to your friends, their memories are pretend and the last thing that they want is for the feeling to end.

jueves, 28 de agosto de 2014

Local boy, local news.

I could write cheap poetry for you. I could pour out my feelings in easy words that sound nice together.
I guess I could also tell you how I dreamt about you, or even how the thought of you would not let me fall asleep for hours.
I definitely could just say all those things I like about you. I might say I admire your way of life, so different from mine, alien to me and yet so understandable. I may also tell you that I am glad we have met, that I liked your kisses and that I felt comfortable in your arms.  I would absolutely say that being with you is as easy as breathing, that you have the perfect combination of simplicity and intelligence, even though it might sound cheesy.
But I am not going to do any of that. 
No commonplace poetry, no popular philosophy, no rom com love.
Not this time.
I reckon I should just thank you for being who you are, for wanting to share with me if not love at least friendship, fun and mutual attraction. And if this time thank you has to mean goodbye, so be it.
I will not cry for you.
Our memories will only be happy ones under the cloudy summer sky.